Clear Paper Folder


New, Eco-friendly "Clear Paper Folder"

Made from paper, yet clear at the same time!

Transparent surface makes it easy to read the documents inside

Our new technology can make a transparent folder out of paper, allowing the file to be comfortable and practical for use as general PP folder.

Protects the inside documents from dirt or water

The front cover is made from moderately thick paper that is water and oil resistant.

Made from paper, yet clear at the same time!

Writable front cover surface

Take advantage of the paper-made features by labeling the front cover of the file using pencil, mechanical pen or an oil-based pen.

Writable front cover surface

Contains 70% less plastic resin

The paper material is disposable as "Burnable Garbage".

Uses 70% less plastic than standard transparent folders

* This product cannot be disposed of as recyclable plastic.

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